1. Totally 8ml liquid per bottle, all the liquid foundation vary in different skin colors, from light to dark, fully meet most skin types to serve custom applying demands.

2. Supplied with 6 bottles of multipurpose serum(for options) to aim for different facial problems like acne, spots, wrinkles, uneven face, large pores, melanin, etc.

3. Suitable for professional salon use, can be used with micro needles to maintain a constant makeup effect and desired complexion for a long time, easily fix your facial problems without the need of making up always, time saving and hassle free.

4. Adopt effective and reliable brightening and anti-aging properties, non-irritating and non-toxic for enhanced using safety, no side effects caused to your body.



Content: Liquid

Net Content(Per Bottle): 8ml

Kit Type: 12 Bottles Foundation/6 Bottles Foundation+6 Bottles Serum(Optional)

Foundation Color: Light, Light Rose, Medium, Deep, Deep Plus(As Picture Shown)

Serum Type: Whitening Stem Cell Culture Ampoule, Aqua Stem Cell Culture Ampoule, AC Stem Cell Gold Ampoule, Salmon DNA Gold Ampoule, GEF Peptide Gold Ampoule(As Picture Shown)


Using Method:

1. Cleanse your face.

2. Hot compress for 5 to 10 minutes to open the pores.

3. Disinfect your face with alcohol or iodophor(avoid your eyes) and then wipe with normal saline.

4. Add several drops on the skin and then operate with micro needles anticlockwise from forehead(the needles should be adjusted from 1.8-2.0 according to the facial conditions), normally last for 30 to 50 minutes.


Kindly Noted:

1. Redness may occur from person to person, you can apply some repair gel for a cold compress to calm and relieve the redness.

2. Please keep away from water within 6-8 hours after treatment done. Don’t eat spicy food or sea food for the first 3 days.

3. It is highly suggested to avoid wearing a heavy makeup for the first 3 days, or it may cause stimulation to your skin.

4. The makeup effect can normally last for about 15 days. The operation interval should be 10 days. The more frequent you do, the better effect you will receive.


Package Included:

12* Liquid Foundation

2* Dropper Lid


6* Liquid Foundation

6* Serum

2* Dropper Lid


12* Serum

2* Dropper Lid

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